Fire Cave, sometimes referred to as Windstone Arch

Fire Cave, sometimes referred to as Windstone Arch, can be found in Valley of Fire State Park, about 1 hour from Las Vegas, Nevada

Wind Stone Arch

The “Wind Stone Arch” (which incidentally is not an official name, in reality, this miniature arch has no name) located on the gravel loop at Campground, are also at the Atlatl Rock and Arch Rock.


The coordinates (WGS 84) of the “Wind Stone Arch” are:

In degrees – minutes – seconds:
N 36 ° 24’45 .00 ”
W 114 ° 33’14 .34 ”

The arch is locate in a mini wind tunnel formed out of Sandstone rock.   the coordinates will take you to a standalone rock formation start looking inside the cavity of the rock where the wind and erosion has removed the rock base

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