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Residing in  Arizona my  I have been fortunate enough to be able to take the time and explore areas out our back door that other families have saved years for just to be able to afford the opportunity. I have been raised with an appreciation of the outdoors and have always took time to understand and explore the world around me.  Since  2006 I have had the opportunity to share the experiences of National Parks, Wilderness Areas, State Parks and other areas of historical interest. We have explored the archaeological ruins of the Native American cultures that existed from about 1200 BC and experienced the silent remains of ghost towns left by early pioneers settling this country. We have also been fortunate enough to come across the signs and signatures of this earth’s past inhabitants, presented to us in the form of archaeological ruins or traces of paleontology. Dinosaur tracks left millions of years ago, petrified remains of both plant and animal, The artistic expression of the ancient Native American as displayed in the form of petroglyphs and pictographs. The occasional signatures of pioneer left transcribed with wagon wheel axle grease noted on a bolder or cliff face while settling the west.

These are the areas we have highlighted within this site and are places rich with beauty and history, locations that give one the opportunity to become one with the history, to look through the eyes of those that settled this nation and see both how and where they lived. It is a rare opportunity one has to walk through the same doorway that someone as infamous as Butch Cassidy had as a child and looking through a weathered window in his boyhood home at the snow covered mountains as if it were through his eyes.

Touching a fragmented piece of pottery created thousands of years ago by the ancient Anasazi who farmed this land from 700 to 1300 AD, not realizing that it was their fate to become an extinct civilization a doom brought on by unexpected drought Phenomenon which some claim we are beginning to experience ourselves in the 20th Century.

Blog Travel Coverage

Blog Travel Coverage

The opportunity to walk through a ghost town where in the 1800’s was a vibrant community with schools, homes, businesses and other infrastructure, which supported a community that numbered in the thousands, Now only to be left in ruins a town left vacant and fallen.

I have seen individuals who’s first encounter the west and look upon it at a barren wasteland and yes that it can be, if that is what you are looking for. It can also be a place of rare beauty, a landscape carved by the very hand of god himself, wind and rain which both provide the opportunity for this landscape to be forever changing, providing spaces so vast that even god as ominous as he is could find a place of solicitude and peace. This land can also be an a place of adventure for those who wish to explore the endless canyons and the unsurpassed beauty the landscape offers, but while doing so please remember to take the proper precautions.

Check with multiple sources to make sure all your information is up-to-date and accurate. Do not rely on only one source (such as our web site) to be the final word. Contact the BLM, Forest Service, Park Service or whomever, to get the most up-to-date road and trail information. Things can, and do, change very rapidly in the desert due to road construction, flash flooding, and other natural and/or man-made causes. Do the prudent thing and check before you venture out. Also please view Hiking The Desert & Desert Survival

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