Gordon’s Panel, also known as Shaman’s Gallery, AZ

Gordon’s Panel, also known as Shamans’ Gallery, contains the oldest prehistoric evidence of man in the Grand Canyon and is quite possibly the most important rock art panel discovered on the North American continent.

The site was used by Indian shamans to try and communicate with the supernatural for thousands of years. Did they actually see what they painted? The images are multicolored, abstract, and life sized. Underlying these figures are earlier images. Some of the smaller figures in the caves, the oldest paintings, look like neanderthal man paintings. Other paintings look like deer with huge antlers, “space men” with antennas, and objects that look like space craft. The writings here The oldest prehistoric evidence of man in the Grand Canyon and is possibly the most important rock art panel discovered on the North American continent dating back 1400 to 20,000 years.

Despite the importance of and unusual nature of this site, very little research has been done. There have been no excavations near the site to help determine who the artists could have been or how they lived. The age of the site remains estimated, as most of the paintings were done with mineral pigments that cannot be carbon dated. However, it might be possible to test for organic dyes that could be carbon dated, such as Oregon Grape, a dye well known to indians that produces a yellow color.

Lastly, the site has not been protected properly by the Park Service and vandalism has started to occur. Partially this is because it is in such a remote location of the Grand Canyon and is thereby a difficult area to protect. But as a result of this, the Park Service has not advertised the site to the public either. Gordon’s Panel has been kept a “secret” for a long time; it is time for this to change.

Gordon’s Panel is in a remote location. It is possible to hike there and back in one day from BLM land if you are in shape. If you are unsure you can find the location from the maps provided, purchase a topographical map of the area to compare against.  We do not recommend hiking in the hot summer months, as temperatures can exceed 120 degrees fahrenheit. Be sure to bring plenty of water, food, and first aid gear. If you plan on a multiple day journey, make sure you have the appropriate backcountry permits from the Grand Canyon backcountry office.

lease respect this area below is a link to a map of the location.

Gordons panel map

GPS Coordinates to Panel : 36.3646 latitude, -112.89703 longitude

GPS Coordinates to Trail Head 36.33917 latitude, -112.92705 longitude

Foot Note: This is a very strenuous hike, the trail leads one along cliff ledge’s, into extreme heat(seasonally), traversing upper and lower elevations, the roads are very 4×4 only, Have good/great tires due to the jagged rocks along the entire road, prepare for the worst… this is not for children you will be without a phone signal, and no help within 100 miles.  The trip included 8 hours of hiking strenuous hiking be prepared to relax the next day

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