The Chuckwalla Trail, Saint George – UT

The Chuckwalla Trail

The Chuckwalla Trail is located just west of Highway 18  in Saint George, UT and north of Snow Canyon parkway. As you travel north on Highway 18 past the Snow Canyon intersection, the Chuckwalla Trail is on the left about a mile up the road. The parking area is gravel, but can be navigated by most vehicles, although it may become muddy after rains. In the parking area, you’ll find primative bathrooms and ample parking.

The Chuckwalla Trail is a local favorite for cross-country runners wanting to get away from the traffic and enjoy the spectacular views. The trail system is well marked and allows horses, mountain bikes and foot traffic. As a note of interest, the Chuckwalla is a desert lizard that is native to the area, along with desert tortoises and the occasional gila monster.

The Chuckwalla Trail

The trailhead is easily located at the northwest corner of the parking area and where you’ll see an opening in the gate. As you make your way down the hill, you’ll notice a well used climbing wall to your right, evidenced by someone climbing, or by the white resin stains that pepper the handholds.

A short half mile hike brings you to the first of several trail intersections. The trail to the right will take you to the north route along the Turtle Wall Trail, while the trail to the left takes you the south route along Paradise Rim Trail. If you haven’t been before, I’d recommend taking the Turtle Wall Trail. Following the trail northwest you’ll reach a natural arch with a great view of the airport to the south.

Natural Arch

Once you reach the top, a location called Paradise Point, be careful as it is only a few steps from certain injury or death if you venture too close to the edge. Paradise Point is a great location to view Kachina Springs and most of the Cliffs subdivisions.

Trail Map

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