City of Washington Dino Cliff’s – Dinosaur Tracks

City of Washington Dino Cliff's -  Track Site
About two dozen dinosaur tracks can be identified in this dry wash. It is very easy to get to and makes for a fun family outing.
Dinosaur tracks from the Moenave Formation are also found near Washington City north of St. George. They are exposed in the wash below a new city water tank. The water tank is visible from the freeway in the hills north of town,
The Dino Cliffs Trail is a singletrack route along the low red cliffs just north of Washington. The trail itself is short (1.8 miles), but you must ride dirt road to get there.
Washington City Tracksite
The easiest access is right off the new Washington Parkway I-15 exit.

Coordinates: 37°8’53″N   113°28’31″W

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