Calico Early Man Site, CA

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One of the most interesting things that tell us about the history of human life in this part of the world may well be at this archaeology site where primitive stone tools have been discovered, originally by amateur archaeologists in 1942.

The site has been classified as a possible stone tool workshop, quarry, and camp site.  It is thought that the tools may have been used by early nomadic hunters and gatherers who stopped in this are to fashion the tools they used to survive.  The tools may have included stone knives, scrapers, punches, picks, and chopping tools, as well as some saw-like tools called denticulates.  The site has revealed no human remains or bones which indicate that it is more of a work site and brief campsite then a home camp.

The alluvial fan deposits in the area are uniquely deep stratum layers that my represent the oldest evidence of human occupation in the Americas.  In 1980, Drs. James Biscjpff. Richard Ku, and Roy Shellman estimated that the soils at this site may date back to over 200,000 years, using a uranium thorium dating process on the surrounding strata.

It is usual that to be involved in an archaeological dig you would have to go to the Middle East or South America, here you can stay in the States and explore the past with skilled people that care about history enough to dedicate their lives to the pursuit of proof.

Schedule of Operation: Wednesday 12:30 to 4:30 pm and Thursday thru Sunday 9 – 4:30.

Guided Tours: Wednesday 1:30 and 3:30, Thursday thru Sunday 9:30, 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30.  Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

User Fees: $5 Adults (1 or 2 people), each additional person $2.  Children (12 and under) $1 each, Seniors (62 and over) $2 each and Bus groups are$2 per person.

Location: about 15 miles northeast of Barstow off I-15.  From the Minneola Rd. exit follow the signs north about tow miles on graded dirt roads to the site.

Contact Information: Friends of Calico Early Man Site; Attn: Maggie Foss; 2024 Orange Tree Lane;Redlands, California 93474

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