How to say it 

What it means 

Named by Marsh (1885)

Also known as 

Where found United States, England

Length 26-30 feet long (8-9 m) long

Height 9 feet (2.75 m) tall at the hips

Weight 6,800 pounds (3100 kg)

How it moved on four legs


Type of feeder herbivorous

Food plant material

When it lived Late Jurassic period, about 156-140 million years ago

Dinosaur order 

Other info Stegosaurus had 17 bony plates that were embedded in its back – the plates ran along the Stegosaurus’ back and tail in two rows, and the plates alternated in alignment. The largest of these triangular plates was about 2.5 ft (76 cm) tall and just as long. Stegosaurus also had spikes at the end of its flexible tail (these are called thagomizers).Although Stegosaurus was about the size of a bus, it had a small head (the size of a horse’s head) and a brain that was only the size of a walnut!

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