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This Page is no longer updated although additional information on new locations can be located here

Welcome to Southwest Backcountry designed to be an informative source for those who enjoy camping, hiking, exploration and appreciate the beauty and history of the west.   This site was established to be an informational source depicting images, maps and information about this country’s National Parks & Monuments, National Forests & Wilderness Areas,  Ghost Towns & Anasazi Ruins as well as the State Parks and other protected landmarks in Southwestern Utah , Northern Arizona, South Eastern Nevada and the western states for further information on these destinations go HERE.  Please return often as it is our intent to update this on a regular basis as we travel to new locations.  Please note before heading out be prepared, please review the information provided HERE for tips on prepardness and historical information that will assist you in making your trip a safe and enjoyable one.

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Copyright: Most of the images depicted upon this site are copyrighted and not licensed for use without written permission from myself, historical images are copyrighted to their respective owners.

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